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Good BS Can’t Replace Good CX

In the ecommerce world, customer experience is everything,
which is a combination of quality, pricing and customer experience.

-Brandy Alexander-Wimberly

I recently did a software demo of a platform I was considering using for our clients. Overall I didn’t feel it was a fit for us. The user-interface was a bit clunky, it seemed to be adding work, not increasing efficiencies, and it was expensive compared to similar platforms.

The following week, I received a package in the mail full of promotional items from the company. It was a nice enough gesture, but would never convince me to do business with them, since their core product was not great, at least for our needs.

It would be a much better use of those dollars to update their UI and do user-testing to identify areas in which they could improve their software.

I maintain that people are willing to pay for things that make their life easier. So it all starts with the quality of the product, everything else is in support of that product’s success.

In the ecommerce world, we need to ensure a top-notch customer experience from the delivery of the item, to the overall quality of the product, to the support of the product.

This is all in an effort to ensure we generate good reviews, which in some cases can be the lifeblood of an ecommerce listing’s future.

We encourage our clients to think through this entire ecosystem. Every detail matters.

The three core tenets of a successful ecommerce product are:

  • Product Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customer Experience

You must nail all three of these to ensure a successful and scalable ecommerce product.

There are many top-quality products out there, that are simply priced too high. Likewise, there are competitively priced products that are poor quality.

And the third is fundamental to any successful business, ensure you have really good customer experience. Nobody wants to do business with a black box!

Before we even get to the three core tenets, it is assumed that you have at least a preliminary understanding of the demand for your product. The harsh reality is that sometimes, people just don’t want or need what you’re selling.

Back to the bullsh*t hypothesis. No amount of fluff, marketing or data analysis can solve the problem of product quality. It has to be paramount to ensuring a good customer experience, that can flourish and scale. It’s not a sustainable approach to make up for a lack of quality with ancillary bullsh*t.

Do you need help solving the core tenets of a successful ecommerce product, or scaling on ecommerce marketplace channels like Amazon, Magento and Shopify? Let us know how we can help! Contact us anytime.

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